The Fighting Game World Championship was pure INSANITY, now check out the top 5 moments from EVO 2013

With the conclusion of EVO 2013, the biggest fighting game tournament of them all, I can confidently say that this was the best combat sports card of the year — greater than Bellator 85, UFC on Fox 7, heck even better than Mayweather vs Guerrero. Whatever you want to call it — rawesome, hype, epic, amazing — there were so many moments that reached levels of such pure amazement that you couldn’t and still can’t even comprehend what was going on. Your synapses are firing off at such a high rate the only thing you can manage to do is belt out incoherent noises.

I thought that last year’s EVO wasn’t and couldn’t be topped with this year’s installation, but boy was I wrong. There were upsets galore, from Daigo placing 7th in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. Defending King Of Fighters XII champ CafeID MadKOF nearly repeating but falling short to finish 3rd. Infiltration last years SSFIV AE champ ditching his Akuma in a match up with PR Balrog, who is widely regarded as the best character in the game for Hakan who is considered a low tier character, then going to defeat PR Balrog with Hakan.

I can’t even begin to express how absolutely insane EVO was this year.

My favorite moment without a shred of doubt was Justin Wong getting knocked into the losers bracket and climbing back all the day to the finals. He was one hit from being knocked out and he not only won that match, but ran it back all the way to the finals It was ridiculous. There isn’t even anything I could compare it to in the fight world.

Check out the top 5 EVO moments and lose your mind.

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