The creator of Mega Man is making a rip-off of his own creation, and he needs your help

Every time I’m in my car with people that don’t know me there is something that happens, it never fails. I’ll have my iPod hooked up to my stereo, having it on shuffle, it’ll alternate between death metal, hardcore, old school rap, powerviolence, big band and then some video game soundtrack will come on. Normally it’s either Mega Man 2 or Mega Man X. I start to get really into it, more into it then anyone should, they begin to stare while also pulling their head back. They want to ask a question as to what they are witnessing but all they can muster up is “…uhhherrrrrummmm…” I know exactly what they want to know, they are frightened and worried, but I don’t care, when Storm Eagle’s stage theme comes on, you don’t allow anyone or thing to interrupt you. After the song is over, I know I have to explain to them what happened, I try my best to do so in a manner which will make me look sane, it never does though. I’ve scared off a hand full of girls doing this but I know I’ve done the correct thing.

Keiji Inafune has created a series that has brought me such joy and has distanced me from society and for that I thank him. In 2010 he left Capcom who he worked under for 23 years, since then he hasn’t done much content producing, which was why it was such a huge deal when he announced his newest title this past week entitled Mighty No. 9. It’s the spiritual successor to the Mega Man series, as it seems that Capcom doesn’t have much interest in keeping it going. The Kickstarter opened three days ago with a goal of $900,000, as of right writing this, they have already raised $1,518,891, already hitting one of their stretch goals adding in two more stages. The fanboy inside of me is smiling greatly, here’s hoping that I can scare off more people with my love for anything Keiji Inafune.

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