The Bureau: X-Com Declassified is shaping up for some 1950’s alien-blasting fun.

When the game that is now known as The Bureau: X-Com Declassified was originally debuted way back before X-Com: Enemy Unknown was even a twinkle in the eye of 2K Marin, old-school X-Com fans cried foul. How could they tear apart our beloved franchise, and turn it into yet another cover-based shooter? Fast forward a year, with Enemy Unknown receiving vast praise for it’s tactical goodness, and all of a sudden The Bureau is looking pretty damn good. Largely because of the borrowed systems of Enemy Unknown making what looked to be a generic shooter into something truly special.

The Bureau takes place in the 1950’s, less than a decade after the Roswell incident and during the inception of the X-Com project. Not only does The Bureau add some cool backstory to the origins of the X-Com project, but it looks like the aliens themselves will be getting a solid dose of exposition. All told: The Bureau is shaping up to be the 1950’s alien monster movie everyone has always wanted to play: and we will be able to get our hands on it the last week of August.

Who hasn’t wanted to be fedora-wearing G-Man fighting off the initial alien invasion during the baby boom? Nobody. Literally, nobody. Watch the trailer to get excited for the latest in the X-Com saga:

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