The alternate ending for The Last of Us sure is interesting

What can be said that hasn’t already been said about The Last of Us? The best original soundtrack of the year — Gustavo Santaolalla is unreal. Listening back to the soundtrack, each song evokes such emotion out of you — it literally brings you back to the very moment that song was played.

I could wax poetically about The Last of Us for ages, it could possibly be my favorite game of the generation. If the mind eraser from Men in Black ever becomes a reality, I would use it and then play The Last of US again, just so I could experience it for the first time.

There are so many things to talk about in The Last of Us, but the ending, have mercy, the ending. SPOILER ALERT! Going into the operating room, seeing the surgeons about to operate on her, I was so furious, even if I could justify my anger, I knew I was in the wrong, but I had to protect Ellie at all costs. No one was going to end her, after everything we’ve been through, I had to kill them, even if they were innocent. It was a powerful moment, and one of the most iconic moments in my gaming life.

One has to wonder though, what would happen if the ending was a little different. Well thankfully the good lads at Naughty Dog gave us a glimpse at what could’ve been.

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