Telltale Unveils Borderlands and Game of Thrones-themed Games at VGX

Look, I don’t blame you if you opted to skip yesterday’s Spike TV videogame-based programming because, well, it is Spike TV. The Spike TV Videogame Awards have been kind of a pastiche of garbage for the past few years, pushing actual gamers further and further away outside of the curiosity about game announcements and trailers that are prone to happen during events such as that. This year Spike did something a little bit different with VGX and had internet streams of the stuff they thought gamers would look and a Spike TV replay of the stuff they think the average Spike TV viewer would like.

Anyway, this was just an elaborate setup for me to explain to you that last night there were some cool things at VGX, with possibly the coolest being that Telltale Games confirmed its next two projects, both of which are incredible for different reasons. The first is one that we heard about a while ago and is now official is that Telltale will be creating an episode game based upon the Game of Thrones HBO series. We’d have to assume like other Talltale games it will be a prequel of sorts and follow some lesser-elaborated-upon character from Westeros. Personally, I’m hoping we get to see more of the much-talked about but never seen Targaryen family.

As for the second project? Well, it’s a cool one for gamers as it is Tales from the Borderlands. This is actually very exciting as the Borderlands games are really fun shooters, but the setting and the characters have always seemed really interesting to me and often remain completely unexplained due to the nature of the Borderlands games. Telltale will have an awesome world to work with, some great lore to build on and hopefully create a compelling story that brings Borderlands to life a bit more. Plus the music reminds me of Firefly a lot, so how can this go wrong?

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