Target Mistakenly Shipped a Few Xbox Ones Early

There are a few big “whoops” you could do in retail when it comes to launching new game consoles and I’m pretty sure that Target has gone ahead and done exactly that. According to reports coming out this week, Target has sent out a select few Xbox One pre orders to moderately lucky gamers. I say moderately lucky gamers because Microsoft is being sort of a sore sport about the whole thing and is banning consoles of those gamers who received them early and have been using them.

So really this is one of those situation where it looks like it might be a win, but ends up being a lose as those gamers have a pretty new Xbox One at their disposal but since they can’t connect to Xbox Live until launch day they essentially have a very large, VCR-looking paperweight to stare at and wonder about. What’s funny is that this is further proof of how silly the whole ‘day one edition’ and ‘standard edition’ thing is, because the ‘standard edition’ Xbox Ones didn’t have a specified release date in Target’s system, which caused one distribution center to send a batch of systems out.

The irony is that if you look up the standard edition online most retails say it won’t be available until late December. This means that they are essentially going to sit on those consoles for a month. Weird, right?

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