Sunset Overgrind: Here’s how you can unlock a bunch of achievements and weapon levels easily

There’s nothing more fun (to me) in games than finding exploits that make you a god way before your likeness should be etched into marble. In Skyrim, it was the Mage’s Library trick where you could level up to the cap in a matter of hours. In Castle Crashers, there was a bug where you could exit out of the game and take someone else’s save file which would unlock extra characters (this ruined my Castle Crashers experience forever) and now the in-your-face dude-tastic energy drink-chugging shooter Sunset Overdrive has a spot where you can grind to your quickly-beating heart’s content. 

Your heart shouldn’t be beating that fast when you’re just sitting there playing a videogame, by the way. 

When you cut through Sunset Overdrive’s 18-year-old going on 11’s dumb humor, you have a game that’s really addictive and really fun. It’s a shame everyone is yelling and cursing at you for no good reason (it’s because the game is aware of itself supposedly). Maybe you want to level your weapons so you can just get through the title because chugging energy drinks and screaming ‘dude’ and ‘****’ and ‘****’ isn’t your thing. Well, here’s a farm spot where you can level just about all of your weapons, unlock a plethora of achievements and nab some badges so you can trade in your game towards a Taco Bell gift card.

Thanks to Alex M. for the heads up!

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