Steam Summer Sale Breakdown: What to buy: Day three!

The Steam Summer Sale continues to march on. Yesterday was a day full of some pretty awesome deals, while today boasts some good deals in its own right. I’m actually pretty stoked right now for the first set of flash sales going on and picked up LA Noire with all of the DLC for $7.49, which I’m pretty happy with. Today’s sales show that while lots of games go on sale, waiting for a daily sale is a must, as the prices will be better during a daily sale or flash sale. Patience is a virtue in the Steam Summer Sale.

Tomb Raider – 75% Off – $12.49

I bought this for $15 on Amazon thinking it would never go down further, damn it! Ph well, now you HAVE to get this game — especially on PC. The graphics are amazing if you’re into that kind of thing.Jason
Oh man, this is a game that I’ve heard such great things about but couldn’t move myself to buy when it was full price. I was never big on the Tomb Raider games but apparently so much has gone into the revamp of the series. I actually bought this a few days ago when Amazon had it on sale for $17.49, so I lost in the game of the Steam Summer sale by way of $5. That being said, I’m still comfortable with that loss.Dave


Stardrive – 66% Off – $10.19

I know some people that own this, they are 4X junkies, but I have Sid Meier to guide me, so I’m fine. No thanks.Jason
It’s another 4X space strategy game and the sale is kind of mediocre! If you are a fan of space 4X games it looks like a decent buy, but I don’t see myself spending $10 on this, sorry.Dave


Age of Empires II: HD Edition – 50% Off – $9.99

What a great game. Fun fact: This team made Halo Wars before Microsoft shut them down like a bunch of jerk-heads. Buy it if you need a strategy game.Jason
I used to love Age of Empires II, back in 2000. I’d actually play against my guitar teacher, an awesome dude who looked like Willie Nelson named Wayne. I learned a lot from Wayne, which I believe shows in my guitar playing, but also in how I play RTS games. Dude used to kick my ass. Then again, I was in high school, maybe he just wanted to feel better about himself? This is the HD re-release, so if you somehow missed it or want to experience it all over again, go for it.Dave


Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army – 66% Off – $5.09

It’s actually quite fun for a bit, and I got it as a gift, Dave!Jason
Ugh, more zombies. C’mon. I mean, seriously, c’mon. Steam tells me that Jason already owns it, he would.Dave


The Witcher 2 – 75% Off – $4.99

Wow! This is great, especially on a good gaming rig. For me, the best gaming narratives of the last few years were Mass Effect and Witcher 2, so pick it up if you haven’t. You deserve to treat yourself.Jason
Oh god, just get this, alright? Jason bought it for me as a gift when it came out on Xbox 360 and I just never had the time to dedicate to getting into it. I still feel bad about it as it is a really great game.Dave


Resident Evil 6 – 50% – $19.99

I’ll let you in on a secret; I’ve never liked these games. I’ve never liked survival horror, either, which I know many will say the Resident Evil games have strayed from that. This doesn’t seem worth it no matter what, though, right?Dave


Borderlands 2 – 66% Off – $10.19

I’m a Borderlands 2 junkie. I know that its only Diablo with guns, but I love Tiny Tina, what can I say? This price also reflects on the expansion packs and Psycho character, so stock up on your BL2 stuff now!Jason
Borderlands 2 is ALWAYS on sale, it seems. I actually picked it up recently and it is well worth the $10 here. It’s a fun game that you could live without, but for cheap you might as well pick it up and love it.Dave


RPG Maker VX Ace – 66% Off – $23.79

I’m strongly considering this. People close to me know I have a ridiculously awesome treatment I’ve written, and I’ve been thinking about making it into a video game. Hmmm.Jason
This has never appealed to me, as much as I love RPGs, but I can totally see the appeal. I know that if I did buy it I’d get lost in it for a million hours like I used to get lost in building maps for Unreal Tournament when I was in high school.Dave


Might & Magic Heroes VI – 66% Off – $10.19

This is a little rich for my blood. Jason
I missed the boat on these games and I feel like I’m just going to continue missing the boat on them. Move along.Dave


War Logs – 50% Off – $9.99

What is this? I really don’t know much about it at all… Hmmm.Jason
A smaller-dev created Action RPG that looks pretty interesting, but many critics simply said “meh” about. It seems like it could be a lot more diverse and have a better story, which to me says “leave it,” but for $10 you might find it worth the money.Dave
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