Sega Genesis + Fix-It Felix, Jr = Fun for all

Wreck It-Ralph was one of the best films of 2012 (which you need to see if you haven’t). It was one massive tribute to the gamer new and old, put into one fantastic CG film. You may remember, the whole universe in the film was based around the world of video games, with Fix-It Felix, Jr. being one of the fictional games that takes centre stage.

In the game, the titular character Wreck-It Ralph, would wreck a building and Fix-It Felix, Jr. would have to go around and fix whatever he had destroyed with a hammer. When Felix was done, the crowd acted like a d**k towards Ralph and threw him off the roof. I understand he’s a villain in-game, but Jesus Christ, that’s a bit far isn’t it? Whenever I fixed something that someone else has broken, I never felt the need to chuck them off a roof. And the people who lived in the building were just a d**k towards Ralph when he decided to come in and celebrate the game’s 30 anniversary.

You spent 30 years throwing him off the damn roof and you couldn’t give him a slice of cake? Anyway, recently, a fan-made Sega Genesis port of the game Fix-It Felix, Jr. is available for download. RetroConnect has reported that the Fix-It Felix flash game has now got Genesis emulator version, which was made by Future Driver and can be downloaded here. Before you get your Fix-It fix (that was awful), check out the game in action:

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