Ryse: Son of Rome is a Game That Apparently You Don’t Even Have to Play

We’ve all dreamed about this day, the day where video games started just playing themselves so we don’t have to. As we’ve seen, video games are just too hard for most of us, and we don’t really want to play them, so why not have the game play itself and just ask you for input as to how cool a death will be? That seems to be the case with Crytek and Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Ryse.

Ryse looks like a pretty cool game, almost like a God of War type game that relies heavily on QTEs (Quick Time Events), something which really picked up steam thanks to the Shenmue games and were brought into action games like God of War many moons ago. Now we’ve seen more and more QTE games, some people love them while others just detest them. I like them when they are done properly, like in the PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain, or of course in Shenmue. I mean, it seemed like such a perfect thing.

We’ve all heard something about Ryse, but there was kind of a rumor going around that you couldn’t die in the game, like, at all. Apparently that has been confirmed by Eurogamer in a long piece about the game. You can’t die. In fact, you don’t even have to press the button when the on screen prompt comes up. That is just a suggestion to get a really cool kill. If you hit it perfectly you are rewarded, which I guess is where the skill portion of the game comes in, but the idea behind the game is for you to come home from a tough day of work and unwind by just endlessly slaughtering people and being invincible.

I guess that I kind of get it, but at the same time, why not make different difficulties and have Easy where you can’t die, Normal where something like only bigger bosses can kill you and Hard where it is just a normal ass game? This seems really borderline ridiculous, doesn’t it?

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