Quinton Rampage Jackson Being Added to EA Sports UFC

Well, if you were curious as to what additions were being planned for EA Sports UFC, look no further than the announcement made earlier today. That announcement was that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson will be the new addition to EA Sports UFC coming in December.

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But wait, how? I’m sure there are some people wondering if this is a sign that Rampage Jackson is headed back to the UFC. While Rampage Jackson has expressed his displeasure with Bellator on Twitter of late and that he should have just stuck with the UFC, things are never that easy. Inclusion in one of the UFC videogames does not always mean that said fighter is a member of the UFC roster. We’ve seen guys like Andrei Arlovski and Tito Ortiz included in past UFC games long after they left the company.

The reality here is that many fighters sign away the rights to their likeness for merchandising to the UFC, with videogame rights also being a part of the deal. Remember a while back when Jon Fitch briefly departed the UFC over videogame rights only to return again? Well, that hasn’t changed. We don’t know the specifics of the contract between Rampage and the UFC, but my best guess would be that Rampage Jackson’s rights to appear in videogames are still controlled by the UFC and this is just a part of that deal.

This follows the announcements of Mark Coleman and Matt Hughes as “UFC Legends” added to the roster.

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