PS4’s 2.0 Firmware Drops Today, Here’s What’s New

Today the PS4 will be receiving a firmware update. In the 2.0 update, Sony will be adding a plethora of features. Some of the features included, being able to upload gameplay videos directly to youtube (finally)! Changing the background color and theme of the main dashboard (so pretty)! As long as streamlining Twitch and many other things as well.

Also remember that whole Gaikai thing that Sony was really raving about in the lead up to the release of the PS4? Well we are getting out first taste of it tomorrow! Their share play feature is rolling out and it will allow you to invite someone to play your game or play co-op with them for up to an hour, even if they don’t own the game. It will be locked at 720P though, so cue the outrage.


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