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NHL 15 will have some of the best looking crowds in videogame history

Since NHL 94, there has always been one thing that has always bugged me and taken me out of the experience. No it’s not the AI, it’s not even the over the top hits. It’s the crowds that look like their face is some piece of abstract art. The graphics of the fans in the crowd have long been a low point for video games. Much like long hair, we’ve just never seen realistic looking crowds that don’t take you out of the experience. It’s not hard to see why, a couple thousand fans will push the power of a console to the limit. A limit that was never high enough.

Until now that is. With the release of NHL 15, the series will be debuting on next gen consoles. As someone who has snuck hundreds of hours into the series, I for one welcome the new dynamic crowd. One of the problems I’ve encountered with the series which isn’t really a fault of their own, is that while other sports stadiums have a unique feel when playing them, NBA/MLB/NFL. The NHL doesn’t… well they do, it just doesn’t translate the digital world that well. Hopefully this September 9th, that’ll all change.

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