Here’s a dozen new drool-worthy images of GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V is probably the most anticipated game here at MiddleEasy, and yes that includes everything next-gen. Then again, neither Xbox One or Playstation 4 are offering much in the way of strong launch titles, save for maybe one or two each, but back to the point – GTA V. We can’t wait. Hell, we still dabble in GTA IV from time to time for random online free roam mayhem. We’ve also never stopped playing Red Dead Redemption (you’d think that we’d have that damned Zebra Donkey by now). Part of that is probably because Rockstar still puts on Triple XP weekend events for RDR, but most of it is because of our insatiable thirst for multiplayer anarchy. Oh, and poker. Seriously, the poker in RDR is better than most poker games. So what I’m saying is that most of us have become to Rockstar what Gary LaPlante is to Naughty Dog.

As the release date for Rockstar’s current generation swan song approaches, the anticipation is running high amongst us and fevered gamers alike. The recent gameplay trailer was like an appetizer – you didn’t realize how hungry you were until you actually started eating, and now that it’s gone you’re eying every tray that passes your table with false hopes that it’s your entree. With about a month and a half left until the game hits shelves, details and images are still trickling out and today Rockstar released 12 new images:

So there you go, this game looks absolutely stunning. These should help tide you over until the August reveal of the multiplayer trailer for Grand Theft Auto Online. If it has the golf feature from the single player then I will destroy you all.

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