Heists Are Finally Coming to GTA Online Very Soon

If there’s one thing Rockstar Games are good at, it’s building hype around minimal information. Their fans generally are so loyal, that they scrape by on the slightest fleck of new data regarding their IPs, and lap it up. I am one of those fans.

Today, IGN had a feature on GTA Online Heists. There was an interview with Imran Sarwar, who was happy enough to give some information on A) Why this has taken so long and B) When the Heists are due.

The good news is, the Heists sound great and they’re very nearly finished. The bad news is, we’re not getting them this side of Christmas.

Key information from the interview that I picked up. Heists are 4-player. One of you will be the leader of the Heist, and with that you’ll have to front the initial cost of the Heist. As the leader you can decided who gets paid what, and you’ll need to bear in mind that you aren’t going to be paid until the end of the heist, whilst your minions can earn DURING the heist, for doing smaller missions that build up to the grand finale.

Imran suggested there will be five heists at launch, with multiple branches. This is expected to add upto 20 hours of gameplay. You’re going to be encourage to play them again, although unlike Destiny, I imagine this will be engaging to do so, because this is GTA.

We’re also to expect the usual slew of new stuff. Clothes, weapons and vehicles. This isn’t just a slight addition. They’re rewriting the bloody bible here. There’s details I’m missing here, obviously but then I don’t want to rip off a whole interview that wasn’t mine to begin with.

Watch the trailer below, and relish in Rockstar’s glory.

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