Guy plays too much Diablo III, hits Paragon level 1000

Diablo III had one of the worst launches in gaming history. Then, it kind of evened out, and once they fired the guy who was behind all of the crappy decisions rendering D3 boring and as an isometric WoW clone, it got better. This year’s Reaper of Souls expansion brought back the joy of Diablo in a big way, but I blew it. I moved over to Elder Scrolls online a week or two after Reaper launched, which will be a regret I hang on to for a very long time. Man, ESO was just not good.

To think that while I was playing ESO and a host of other games (Last of Us, EA UFC), this guy was grinding, grinding, grinding away at D3, eventually hitting Paragon level 1000 last night.

Here’s the Twitch replay: 

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