Gorgeous and just-released Miscreated may be the next DayZ

I have watched hundreds of hours of DayZ gameplay on YouTube. I’ve had dreams of being handcuffed and force-fed rotten zucchinis, and when I close a door at work, I expect my boss to glitch through to my cubicle and insta-kill me with the swipe of a file folder. But you can only enjoy that lifestyle for so long, as watching giggling teenagers work repressed fantasies on freshly-spawned female players eventually loses its charm.

Thankfully, I’ve just enjoyed some gameplay from Miscreated, the new survival game that was alpha-released yesterday on Steam for $24.99.  The theory behind Miscreated is that the global war machine, Amalgamated Corporation, lowered the earth’s population care of its arsenal of super-weapons. Now, the unmutated people who remain can enjoy making themselves fit enough to survive in a gorgeous environment considered by some to be superior to DayZ.

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