Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Gets a New Trailer

I’ll be honest here, I’ve been writing about gaming as a quasi-profession for over a year now and I’ve been playing games for almost all of the 30 years of my existence and I have no clue what is going on with Final Fantasy anymore. Final Fantasy X was kind of a breaking point for me, as the games were starting to get a little mediocre and Final Fantasy X was just the height of Square having no clue what to do to make their audiences happy and just pissing away money into production values. Final Fantasy X was a nice looking game with an infuriatingly bad story, a whiny, obnoxious lead character and very little reason for me to continue playing it. Then there were some MMO Final Fantasy games and some really bad ones.

I’m at the point where I have no clue what they are doing anymore as they are re-releasing a bunch of them, including Final Fantasy XIV, which was apparently so bad that they had to completely remake it and call it “A Realm Reborn.” I guess I do kind of have a handle on what is going on with Final Fantasy, but I think it is ridiculous how much they’ve bungled one of the most beloved series known to man that doesn’t involve Nintendo.

Further proof that they don’t understand American audiences is the decision to release a new trailer on the Fourth of July, but that is just my opinion, alright? This is actually a pretty cool trailer, serving as part three of their tour of Eorzea.

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