Fez sold a lot of copies this weekend and Phil Fish’s sideburns are still amazing.

I want a PC, I want a PC more than I want to have an In-N-Out Burger in Connecticut. Sadly I have to settle for my laptop that I just play Pokémon Emerald, my Groudon will obliterate you. Seriously, if you even think of attempting to have a Pokémon duel with me, don’t, I will come at you like a 2003 Wanderlei Silva with a fury of violence that you can’t even fathom. What does this have to do with anything? Nothing really, I’m just a very lonely person and want to instill fear in the hearts of anyone and everyone and this is the only possible way that I can.

If I did have a PC, all my hard earned money would disappear during the Steam Summer Sale in the forms of my disappearing hard drive space. This year’s Steam Summer sale has apparently been out of this world, because both Dave Walsh and Jason Nawara will not shut up about it. Making them impossible to talk to. I have attempted to cut off all communications with them, but I can’t no matter what I do. I don’t know what they’ve purchased and I don’t want to know, most of that is out of jealousy, but I would be willing to bet they both purchased Fez. Seeing as Fez has sold over 105,000 copies in the past 48 hours according to Phil Fish. It appears that Fez has gone gangbusters during the Steam Summer Sale, and Phil Fish, the creator of Fez is really happy about it on social media.

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