DayZ Diaries: Day 3 – We suck at being bandits

There is a phenomenon present in DayZ in which people want to be bandits, they want to thrill-kill, but for whatever reason, they can’t. No game really makes you look deeply into your inner soul than DayZ. Personally, I’m always against killing unarmed, wandering people that are outside “our territory.” Javi, Nick, Chris, Mark and the rest are always down to take out a random survivor, until I talk them out of it, or worse, witness their cold-blooded murders with little I can do for the poor player. 

Every once in a while, I can be talked into taking out some random explorers. Unfortunately, when they look us in the face with their Bambi eyes, I end up just saying “hi” then offer them food. I suck as a bandit.

So watch us threaten to kill Javi until he teaches us how to flip people off in the game, then observe our ridiculous behavior as we come across another crew of survivors in the pitch darkness.

Yes it’s dark. But still, you’ll laugh at our crappy attempts at taking innocent lives.

The “banditry” begins at the seven minute mark, if you don’t want to hear us flip each other off. Yes, I wrote that correctly.

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