Cool game alert! Metro: Redux is out now

2010’s Metro 2033 was a survival horror FPS based on the successful book of the same name by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky. Both the book and the game follow the journey of a young man named Artyom, a survivor of some sort of nuclear apocalypse, who resides in the depths of the Moscow subway system. The massive underground labyrinth is now home to survivors both human and non-human, creating a tense and dangerous setting. Aside from the unique twist on an otherwise generic modern topic, Metro also takes after the good old Russian tradition of deep, depressing, philosophical pondering on life and the universe.
I read the book after I heard about the release of the game and was surprised to find out that the hype around it was well deserved. Unfortunately, the game itself did not spark enough interest in me to buy it at release, so I did what I do with most games that almost peak my interest and waited until it went on sale on Steam. Alas, my PC at the time was not powerful enough to run it and after playing the first few chapters, I allowed it to get lost in the depths of my Steam library. The exact same process happened with Metro 2033’s sequel, Metro: Last Light, which came out in 2013, except now I don’t even have to wait for it to go on sale to buy it.
Both Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light are getting a remastered edition that came out yesterday. The bundle is called Metro: Redux and it includes both games remastered in a new engine and is available on PS4 and PC for only $50. Unfortunately, it looks as though I missed the boat on getting a cool $25 loyalty discount per each one of the two previously released games I already owned through the pre-order offer they had. I’ll be kicking myself for missing that for sure, but it’s really great that a developer recognizes their fans’ loyalty and rewards them for it in a sensible manner. Check out the trailer for Metro: Redux below.
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