Bummer. WWE2K15 Delayed on Next Gen

Just last night Gary, Jason and myself were having a brainstorming session about awesome stuff that we could do with WWE2K15 and Twitch broadcasts. Wrestling games kind of hold that special place in everyone’s hearts of being able to do really crazy, fun things with them, even if you aren’t into wrestling. I remember playing WCW/nWo World Tour on N64 with a group of friends who knew nothing about wrestling but just couldn’t deny how fun wrestling games were.

We’ve been looking forward to WWE2K15 and the jump to next gen only to find out that the game is delayed to November 18th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (in the US, Nov. 21st in Europe). This shouldn’t come as a huge shock considering how little gameplay footage we’ve seen of the game yet. Last month IGN was supposed to have a month of exclusive footage and announcements and I’m pretty sure absolutely nothing but a few “we’ll tell you more later” interviews happened.

In fact, most of the videos that we’ve seen of the game in action have been smartphone footage from the gamescom demo. We’re all for games being launched in complete and working order, but delays still suck. No, I don’t think that this has anything to do with CM Punk considering that the mode he’s featured in will launch on time for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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