BrandNewMac is back with his second EA UFC tutorial: Striking

I love EA UFC, but I suck. Well, I’m not sure if I suck, but I’m consistently playing people that are just better than me. Yeah, this in turn sharpens my skills, but they get better and then I’m just on this awful gaming treadmill of pain where I’m constantly getting knocked out in the fifth round. I think my main problem is that I love the audience too much, I just want to put on a good show. I’m not worried about getting cut. I’m always willing to go out on my shield.

But damn it, I also want to get the W now and again, and hopefully this latest tutorial from our own BrandNewMac will guide me to the win column. Lord knows I need the help. Actually, maybe I should make my CAFs religious, that may help them win. I can do all things through EA UFC that strengthen me, or something like that. Hmph. 

Check out striking tips (the jab tip alone has helped me a lot) below!

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