Brace Yourselves: Telltale’s Game of Thrones is Out Tomorrow

I’m not sure that I ever expected Game of Thrones to really take off like it did. It was this nerdy show on HBO based off of a nerdy series of books that might appeal to people who dug Lord of the Rings, but then again, it might not. A Song of Ice and Fire lacked the whole sense of wonderment and magic that Tolkien’s stuff had, replacing Tom Bombadil with lecherous, drunk Tyrion Lannister and so forth. But it was good, really good, so it caught on and caught on big.

Now here we sit and tomorrow one of my favorite game companies, Telltale, will be releasing their first in their new series based off of Game of Thrones. It’s exciting because Game of Thrones is such a huge cultural thing and there is a good chance of roping in some new eyeballs to the magic of what Telltale can do with stories and characters unlike any of their other series can.

Tomorrow for PS3, PS4 and PC will be the release of Game of Thrones episode one, “Iron From Ice.” It’ll be released for Xbox 360 and Xbox One on the following day and iOS shortly after that. This right here is the launch trailer and it includes some Peter Dinklage, meaning that we’ll round out the year with another Peter Dinklage videogame voice over job, hopefully this one more inspired than Destiny.

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