Be still my dog of war: WWE 2K15 looks a lot better than 2K14

Another year; another Madden. Another year; another NBA 2K. Another year; another Call of Duty. Another year; another Battlefield. Another year; another Assassin’s Creed. Yearly franchise installments are yearly. Thankfully, 2K Sports baseball series is dead and gone and will hopefully never be revived to plague us with its horrendous redundancy. MLB 2K10 was alright…but then they released it three more times after that. By the last installment it didn’t even make an attempt to hide the fact that it was just a rehash. I’m pretty sure it actually got worse in the graphics department too. 

Another yearly release franchise that experienced a similar trend graphics wise was WWE. After switching from THQ to the 2K label with WWE 2K14 the game took a step back visually. Criticism can’t be aimed too harshly at 2K Sports because they essentially just took over a finished product and released it. It was a “transition year.” They did get rid of the Sprite beverage in the crowd to as a weapon during Extreme Rules matches, which greatly affected the amount of time that Dave Walsh and I spent battling in the digital squared circle. 
With the upcoming WWE 2K15 it appears that 2K Sports are taking the franchise seriously. Giving it the NBA treatment, not the MLB treatment. Watch this video comparison of Randy Orton’s entrance between last year’s game and this years, complete with Orton’s shitty attempt at facial hair and you’ll see just how much better the game already looks. Even though looking better than WWE 2K14 isn’t much of an accomplishment…
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