2K Releases a New, Shiny WWE2K15 Trailer

Last night was WWE’s Night of Champions PPV, which left today as a perfect opportunity for 2K Games to ride that wave with a new trailer from WWE2K15. There has been very little media out there of the game thus far, only a few screenshots here and there, which has been troubling to some. We are about a month away from the Xbox 360 and PS3 release and two months away from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release date, so it would be a good idea to get some media out there, right?

Well never fear, for here is a WWE2K15 trailer, finally.

Now, let’s talk about it. First of all, we are going to just ignore the music entirely. Seriously, Kid Rock? I thought that 1998 was over. Weird. Anyway, the trailer shows various WWE superstars walking down to the ring, then shows some of them doing some signature moves in the ring. It definitely looks better, but there are a few things about this trailer that don’t seem to be quite there yet. The first is the lighting, with everything looking kind of plastic. My guess is that the lighting is not final in this trailer. Then there is the hair. It’s kind of disappointing that we are moving to the current generation of game consoles in Xbox One and PlayStation 4 but that hair still seems beyond the realm of improvement.

As for actual gameplay it is hard to tell exactly what has changed, if anything. One thing that really stands out and lines up with reports that we heard from gamescom is the part where Cena crawls over to pin Lesnar. This is something that we’ve wanted to see in wrassling games for ages now and no matter how you view the game as a whole, that little addition is a huge, huge addition. After a grueling match your dude hitting a finisher and just gingerly walking over for the pin was always kind of a buzzkill. Games like King of Colosseum addressed this a long time ago by having moves with a pin animation directly after, which the last few WWE games had for certain moves as well, but this? This is really cool.

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