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You’ll have to remove your stomach from your mouth after watching this failed BASE jump

People say that when you’re afraid of heights, what you really mean is that you are afraid of falling and in turn death, more so than the physical height. I can’t agree more. I’m not a bird and I feel my place is on the ground. I was recently in Paris and we decided not to climb The Eiffel Tower because of the queues. I’m glad that’s the official reason because my personal reason was a stomach churning, palm sweating, dizzy fear of heights. I once nearly threw up at just the sight of the crane being used in a charity bungee jump event. I don’t know why I decided to watch this video.

The video below shows Thayer Healey’s failed attempt at a BASE jump from a spot named “Wall Street.” His parachute malfunctioned and he slid down the face of the cliff at great speed before landing in a crumpled heap at the bottom. I’m sure most people will be fine but my stomach would be churning watching a stranger jump from a cliff under normal circumstances, never mind a failed attempt!

Healey stayed one day in hospital and was discharged with a compression fracture of his T12 vertebrae, stitches to his eye and chin, as well as multiple severe sprains and bruises. I’m guessing some of that bruising was to his crotch. Just… just watch the video to see why.

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