WWE Night of Champions: Lesnar Turned Purple

Whew, that show is definitely over now. There was some serious reshuffling done thanks to Roman Reigns needing emergency surgery yesterday, but it didn’t impact things as much as we thought it would. This show was no Summerslam, meaning that it had its ups and downs but that the downs were a bit lower and the ups were also a bit lower.

I will say this, though; Hell in a Cell is shaping up to be a cool PPV.

Let’s get on to the show.

The Cosmic Key Belongs to Stardust, Finally

The Brothers Dust squared off against the Usos in what was probably one of the better matches of the evening to open the show up. We know what both teams are capable of and they lived up to it. I mean we had crazy dive segments, good nearfalls and then had Cody roll up one of the Usos for the win.

About as good of a tag match as you could expect from 2014 WWE not featuring the Wyatts.

Sheamus and Cesaro Work Very, Very Well Together

Two strong dudes who can go get into the ring together and what happens? This happens. Solid match from Sheamus and Cesaro with some good nearfalls, even busting out the Alphamare Waterslide, which I think he only uses against Sheamus, which is cool. Cesaro was in control when the ref pulled him off of Sheamus in the corner and Sheamus pulled out the Brogue Kick for the win. If you only watch one match from this show, I’d say watch this.

The Miz is the Best, Florida Georgia Line Suck

Apparently there is a country duo called Florida Georgia Line and it is a real thing because they brought them out to announce that they’d be at the Tribute to the Troops show this year and did commentary over this match. Solid match, but my god was it annoying having to hear these dudes talk.

The Miz won with a handful of tights that gave members of the audience a view of Dolph’s bleached asshole, which probably wasn’t pleasant. I get the impression that this feud is far from over and I’m not sure that I’ll complain about that.

Our Lord and Savior Dean Ambrose Returns


Seth Rollins came out to talk about how much of a disappointment Roman Reigns is for not competing at Night of Champions. He then gave him ten seconds to come out or be counted out. He took the forfeit victory and had his hand raised, but decided that he wasn’t done. This led to him laying out an open challenge to anyone in the back. Well, what do you know? A yellow cab pulls right in to the backstage area and Dean Ambrose jumps out, then rushes out into the arena and chaos ensues.

This didn’t turn into an actual match, which was kind of a shame, but then again, it was an awesome brawl. Security came out to stop Ambrose only for Ambrose to avoid them, diving off of the set pieces on both the crowd of security and Rollins before he was finally wrestled to the mat by security and detained.

With the next PPV being a Hell in a Cell it would almost feel criminal to NOT have these guys face in a HiaC match, right? Also, as great as Rollins is, Ambrose feels like the big, huge star of this whole thing and like he could be a major player for a long time to come if they don’t mess it up. (GIF via WrestlingWithText)

Mark Henry Lets America Down Yet Again

Mark Henry failed America in the Olympics and now he failed America against Rusev. What a bummer, right? This was a HOSSFEST of a HOSSFEST, so yeah, it happened. It was a serviceable hossfest and Rusev won with the camel clutch, a lone tear streaking down Mark Henry’s cheek. The crowd reactions were priceless and probably the best part of this.

Granted, it had nothing on the CMLL Anniversary show from Friday where people were crying in the crowd at Ultimo Guerrero losing his mask to Atlantis, but what do you expect?

Randy Orton is a Dude, Chris Jericho is a Dude, This Happened

I know that Randy Orton is good at what he does, but something about the way he does it is just unappealing on almost every level. Chris Jericho’s latest run has been as flat as the Dt. Mtn Dew that Lawler forgot to cap throughout the show, so I’m not sure what to say about this one. Technically a good match, but if I was tired enough I would have fallen asleep.

Nikki Bella Has Been Watching BattlARTS

If you don’t know what BattlARTS is (BatBat!) then I don’t know and you won’t get the reference. BattlARTS is life, though. Nikki Bella worked a stiff match and was pulling off a lot of shooty moves, like getting AJ Lee in a choke sleeper and swinging her limp body around, then hitting an armbar on Paige. Oh yeah, then she hooked Paiges arm and slammed her on it. Since when does she work like Minoru Suzuki!?

This was probably one of the better things on the whole show and Brie Bella somehow didn’t get involved at all. I could watch Paige and AJ wrestle any night of the week and it looks like we’ll get to see them meet again because AJ tapped Paige out to win the title, which is now a ping pong ball between the two.

Brock Lesnar Cosplaying as Grimace is Scary

Lesnar is PURPLE

After last month’s complete destruction of John Cena they really played into that whole story with the Cena/Lesnar rematch. We saw german suplexes, we saw frenzied AA’s from John Cena to barely get two counts on the BEAST Brock Lesnar and we saw Brock Lesnar turn dark shades of red and purple on live television.

Seriously, the dude looks like something is very, very wrong with him whenever he’s in the ring. I wasn’t the only one to notice, either.

Anyway, the match was going along pretty well with it looking like Cena would regain the title after another AA and the STF that he kept dragging Lesnar back into, followed by ANOTHER AA for a nearfall that was broken up by Seth Rollins. On a replay it looked like Lesnar would have gotten his shoulder up no matter what, but still, controversy! Rollins then said that he was cashing in and everyone got excited. He hit the Curbstomp and we all thought that it would be it. Hell, they even announced that Rollins was cashing in, only for Cena to beat up Rollins and for WWE to play up that the bell never rung, thus he never “cashed in.”

Lesnar hit the F5 on Cena to end out the show and that was a weird ending on many levels. I guess this means we get to see Lesnar/Cena inside of a Cell for sure. (GIF via WrestlingWithText)


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