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Watch Michael Bay get really pissed off at Samsung and walk out of his CES presentation

All kids of the early 80s have to give it up to Michael Bay for single-handedly murdering our childhood with a nonsensical Transformers movie and now with an upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in which he replaced the concept of mutagen soaked turtles that transformed with space aliens — yes, space aliens.

Today at the 2014 CES in Las Vegas (the world’s biggest tech convention), Michael Bay got on stage to talk about Samsung’s new curved HDTVs, but then had a little melt down when the teleprompter didn’t work. You will get those uncomfortable chills by the end of the clip, so brace yourself. Props to stevemcawesome for the +100 news tip. Keep getting those points! They’re going to mean something in 2014!

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