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This Street Fighter 2: Church Edition video is so stupid that it’s guaranteed to make you laugh

Seriously folks, if you don’t laugh at this video then you’re just a humorless android that has traveled from the distant future to 2013 to be some cybernetic ‘Debbie Downer.’ If that statement can be applied to you, then tell us how you unlocked the secrets of time travel because I have some sports bets that need to be made.

Alright so you know all of those evangelicals that claim they have the ability to cure people by slapping them on the forehead or using their magical chi energy to push people back? Now imagine all of that wackiness in the context of Street Fighter 2 — egh, not so wacky now, is it?

Now sit back and watch the greatest collection of evangelical ridiculousness in the form of this video. Props to Eric H. for the find.

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