The MiddleEasy WWE Hell in a Cell Preview

This Sunday night at 8pm Eastern time WWE will bring to you — via PPV or the WWE Network — Hell in a Cell. Hell in a Cell is a PPV that is yes, headlined by Hell in a Cell match(es) and this time not by anything involving their world championship. Weird? Sure. Forgiveable? Probably.


Because with Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns gone the WWE has had to make a few interesting decisions, one of which was to bump the Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose feud to the main event scene and for Dean Ambrose to essentially fill in that slot for Roman Reigns while he has been gone. It has been his chance to shine and while he might not be bringing fans into arenas on the house show scene just yet, live crowds and TV viewers are eating ‘em up.

So let’s get to the card.

Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella

They’ve been building this up for months and months now only for this whole thing to take a crazy back seat to whatever they’ve been doing with Total Divas on the last few weeks of Raw. This went from Jerry Springer on the program to try to mend fences for them to both being involved in throwaway tags against each other. We don’t even get to see Brie’s full entrance anymore. Does that mean that she is a jobber? I’m not really sure.

Anyway, these two will compete with the loser being forced to be the other’s personal assistant. I’m not making that up, that is a legitimate thing. There were talks of them feuding for the Bella name, but it looks like instead they will drag this out for a bit longer. Or maybe the end game is seeing Nikki as Brie’s personal assistant only for us to learn that Nikki was right all along and Brie is awful?

United States Championship Match

Sheamus(C) vs. The Miz

We should all hate the Miz, yet it’s a joy when he comes out or is involved with anything. Why? Damian Mizdow. If you’ve been missing the last few weeks of programming you’ve been missing Damian Sandow in his greatest role yet as The Miz’s personal stunt double. It has equated to good-old-fashioned wrassling ridiculousness and it’s difficult not to love.

Sheamus has been toiling over what to do about the duo over the past few weeks and it wouldn’t shock me to see something like Mizdow getting involved and winning the title for Miz by getting the pin and then seeing Mizdow feud with Miz. Kind of like when Jeff Jarrett feuded with his roadie who really sang “Alone with My Baby Tonight” and thus we had to deal with the Road Dogg for years. Only this would be awesome.

Divas Championship

AJ Lee(C) vs. Paige

This has been going on forever, in part because they exist within a vacuum. Up until the announcement that came last week that Paige was joining the Total Divas program, these were the only two women of any particular value who were not on Total Divas. Now Paige is on Total Divas and we are all confused as to if Total Divas cast members can hold championships or not. Stephanie McMahon said there was no hard-and-fast rule, but some have claimed involvement with the show and how WWE tries to run parity angles on Raw to go along with the show means championships are a no-no.

They’ve had some okay matches together and a few that were good. I’m not sure that there is much steam left in this whole thing, but maybe they could have some fun match that makes us all happy.

Big Show vs. Rusev

They’ve been working the whole patriotic thing against Rusev for a while now and it seems that Rusev isn’t going to cleanly lose to anyone any time soon. Mark Henry recently failed to usurp the throne of Rusev and is buds with the Big Show, which means that he’s interfered in their matches of late to assist the Big Show.

It seems like Mark Henry will get involved and Big Show vs. Mark Henry might be a thing to look out for and that the Rusev train will continue. That’s not certain, just speculation, but it makes sense.

Tag Team Championship

Golddust/Stardust(C) vs. The Usos

These guys have had some fun matches together and the Brothers Dust are a great tag team to offset the Usos and their fan-friendly stuff. It makes for exciting matches with cool spots and the fans being super into it. Expect dive trains and shenanigans.

Hell in a Cell

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

This is the match that we all care about and the match that should be — hands down — the best match on the card without question. Both guys are incredible in the ring and have shown to be tremendous against each other. Mick Foley came out to imply that there are some crazy hopes for both guys, not only in their careers, but for this match to be not only memorable, but historic.

If that means someone flies off the cell or not remains to be seen. They don’t need to do that to have a memorable match, but these guys have a great feud running and Rollins has seemingly lost the support of Randy Orton and Kane. This means that these guys are probably going to get to beat each other up for 20-something minutes inside of the cell without any bull.

Hell in a Cell

John Cena vs. Randy Orton

John Cena earned this match by losing to Dean Ambrose and guess what? The winner gets a shot at Brock Lesnar! It was a sloppy way to wrap up that John Cena was upset with Rollins for running out during his match with Lesnar and to find a way to insert either Cena or Orton into the title picture. It made it feel like Rollins was a weird detour that wasn’t planned for, but, whatever.

We’ve seen this before and it will probably be alright, there just isn’t much to get pumped up for about it. Chances of Rollins being involved somehow given that he Curb Stomped Randy Orton and that both Cena and Orton want to destroy him seems likely. This could be how Randy Orton officially turns face, even, but who knows.

It should at least be interesting enough.

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