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The end to Breaking Bad is near, watch the newly-released teasers here

August is almost here and that means one thing. No, not Jose Aldo fighting again. No, not four solid UFC events with stacked cards. It means Breaking Bad. That’s right, we are only a few short weeks away from witnessing the finale to one of the greatest stories that has ever been told on Sunday nights. This has been one of the longest gaps between seasons, or half seasons, in a while. It seems like everything else on AMC has had its gap between season finale and premiere shortened, while the period between the first and last half of Breaking Bad’s denouement has been excruciatingly long.

It’s actually incredibly difficult to articulate how excited we here at MiddleEasy are for the upcoming finale to AMC’s magnum opus (let’s face it Mad Men is inferior) so let me just put it this way – we are [expletive] stoked! It’s all coming to an end, but what kind of end and how it all reaches that point is yet to be seen. Hell, the point that it reaches could be anything. There are so many different ways that the final eight episodes could go that the possibilities are damn near endless. How will Hank go about bringing down Heisenberg, what is Walt going to do with that M60, and how did things get so crazy within the course of a year?

Now we finally have our first glimpses of the “final season” of Breaking Bad. Really it’s the same season, but just the last half of the expanded 16 episode per season format that AMC has used with other series. So I guess at least one good thing came from The Walking Dead. The clips are the epitome of “teasers” because they don’t show much at all, and honestly the one with Jesse could be used for any moment, in any season of Breaking Bad. The one with Hank on the other hand? Holy crap. Watch em below, and start getting excited mother [expletive]s!

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