Ronda Rousey and the Horsewomen Invade Summerslam

Ronda Rousey and the Four Horsewomen are huge fans of the WWE, which we already know. We’ve already seen them participate in Stephanie McMahon’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which is pretty incredible. Now get to see them enjoying the rest of Summerslam, from walking backstage and running into an increasingly confused Ric Flair who claims he may have “met one of them before,” but it turns out he met Sara McMann, that Rousey just dispatched a short while ago.

Sigh, oh Ric.

There are some great moments in here, though, like WWE cameras asking for photos with them, Ronda and the crew being some of Bray Wyatt’s fireflies during his entrance and all of them collectively marking out over Roman Reigns, including Ronda. Look, I know that some of you hate wrestling because it’s fake, but watching moments like that just hammer home the point that this is all fun and good. Ronda Rousey marking out for Roman Reigns is part of the purity of wrestling.

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