Relive Bono and Tim Cook’s awkward moment at the Apple Live presentation over and over

Nothing beats the horrific beauty of an awkward moment. The kind of moment that forces you to turn your head in utter disgust because it’s unbearable to watch – I’m talking to you WWE. Those recent Bella Twin segments on RAW are making the Kardashian sisters look like viable Golden Globe frontrunners. And although nothing says awkward like an ugly crier, this has got to stop. Instead, let’s leave the awkwardness to the likes of Tim Cook and Bono.

It was an unusual pairing yesterday at Apple Live: Tim Cook, the Apple CEO who looks more like a high school social studies teacher than the head of a multi-billion dollar company, and Bono, the U2 frontman known for his relentless charity work and eccentric onstage persona. Nonetheless, there they were united together in hopes of complete and total Apple world domination.

While the annual Apple event went off without a hitch, things got a little “weird” when Cook began a countdown to the exclusive iTunes release of U2’s new album Songs of Innocence. What started off as a standard D**k Clark New Years Eve countdown ended in a gloriously awkward moment when Cook and Bono shared a clumsy celebration attempt.

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After looping this Vine at least sixty times – it’s like watching a beautiful disaster – I’m now convinced it’s not clumsy, awkward or accidental at all. Look closely and you’ll see it… The Illuminati!

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