Randy Orton RKOs the Whole World in This Video

Oh my god. Look, you don’t need to watch or follow WWE to get a kick out of this, okay? Randy Orton’s finisher, the RKO, is pretty much your standard Ace/Diamond Cutter but for years the WWE has been pushing that it can come out of anywhere, happen at any time, that he will just spontaneously hit his finisher from out of nowhere when you weren’t expecting it.

So this dude on Vine, Steve Ozzi, started making hilarious Vines of people faceplanting and inserting Randy Orton into them. Think of it like putting Jim Ross commentary over YouTube videos, but a bit more modern. Someone took all of his videos and made a compilation on YouTube of them and he got kind of pissed about it, so he went ahead and made his own compilation and dear god, this is just funny on so many levels.

So sit back and enjoy some fails that you might already know and love, but if Randy Orton was the mastermind behind them.


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