Hurray, Botchamania 260 is here, yes 260

The people who talk about how wrestling is fake, they just don’t get it. They are missing the point of it all and I honestly feel bad for them. I’m not advocating for people to watch and become fans of wrestling, just citing that it’s fake as a reason why you can’t get into it, is silly. Of course it’s fake, fans of wrestling know this, this isn’t news. Hell, wrestling fans will even admit to you how dumb wrestling is but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying it.

Wrestling is entertainment and in large part, entertainment is fake, TV/Movies are both fake, they aren’t real.

Tony Soprano isn’t a real person and neither is Walter White nor is Special Agent Dale Cooper. That doesn’t stop me from enjoying TV or movies, I suspend my disbelief to enjoy TV and movies and as a wrestling fan, I do it for that as well.

Since we can all admit that wrestling is silly and can still enjoy it, it only makes sense that we can also make fun of it, which is why we have things such as Botchamania.

What would we do without it?

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