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Ever wonder what happens when a rapper stage dives from nearly 40 feet?

As an avid fan of live music, I find it odd that I’ve never been to a rap concert. I guess it’s partially because I’m not a fan of new-age rap — there are some gems out there such as People Under The Stairs, who might just be my favorite rap duo of all time. To me, rap just isn’t the same, there are no Big Ls, Big Puns, Eazy-Es, even the legends like NAS have fallen off as of late.

If I ever did go to a rap concert, I would stick out like a scene kid at Abercrombie (do the kids still shop there?). I could wear one of my Mike Tyson shirts there to help me blend in, but I don’t know what people do at rap concerts. I obviously couldn’t slam dance, but I myself can’t go to a concert and stand still, it drives me insane, I need to be moving.

Rapper Watsky has given me hope to feel at home during a rap concert. As he staged dive off of a 12 meter high stage, injuring himself and two other concert goers. Watsky while I give him credit for stage diving off of something that high, he did make the biggest mistake you can make while stave diving. You NEVER stage dive feet first, ever.

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