Even with the season 4 trailer, nearly everyone on MiddleEasy despises The Walking Dead and here’s why…

Friday afternoon we introduced our MiddleEasy ‘Send us News’ system (located on the right side of this page), and after culling through more than a handful of submissions, we’re writing our first official article conceived by a MiddleEasy reader. Actually, we’re sort of writing about how much we don’t want to write about their idea. See, Whitfield submitted the newly released The Walking Dead season 4 trailer to us, and although it looks pretty decent — nearly everyone on MiddleEasy despises the show. 

First we want to congratulate Whitield on his +100 point reward. Before we throughly breakdown the problem of The Walking Dead, here’s the newly-released season 4 trailer.

My experience with The Walking Dead is an interesting one. It was right around the time I got into both Breaking Bad and Mad Men, both of which I adore. It was quite clear to me that AMC had a high quality of shows and that The Walking Dead had to be worth watching. Everyone I knew was talking about it, and The Walking Dead was all I saw on social media. I wasn’t too keyed into it, as with much of pop culture. I went into the show knowing nothing about it, outside of the fact that it was a comic book first. I watched the first five episodes, I thought it was a fun show, it wasn’t doing anything new but I could have found much worse ways to spend 42 minutes of my time. Then I watched the final episode of season one and it was the biggest moronic piece of trash I have ever seen in my life. They basically said, to hell with the whole plot of the season, we need a big senseless CGI explosion.

Even with that awful ending to the season, I decided to watch on anyways into season 2. I could go over all the inconsistencies, such as the zombies being able to smell in season one, then in season 2 they couldn’t smell them when they were hiding under trucks. But I digress, they make up rules for their zombies as they go, again I won’t get into that. My biggest problem of the show isn’t the inconsistencies, or them making up rules just to make their jobs easier or more interesting. It’s the characters. As I kept watching the show, I wanted every single character to die. It’s not in the way that you root against a heel, it was just pure hatred for them being so stupid all the time. The women in the show are especially awful, it seems as though the writers for the show, never got laid and have no concept of how women act and interact with others. The children? Do I even need to get started with them? If you can make me want a child to die a horrible zombie death, you have done such poor job that you should be exiled from television. I need to stop myself before this turns a 400 word thing into a 4000 word thing.@GaryLaPlante

When The Walking Dead first aired on AMC I was pretty into it, and that’s because I didn’t know any better. If you’re reading this, you probably don’t know any better either, and that’s okay. It’s going to be tough, but you need to hear this. The Walking Dead on AMC does not even come close to being as good as the comic book series. I just started reading it recently and it’s ruined the show for me. Hell, The Walking Dead by Telltale Games is significantly better than the show. I know it seems cool because it has zombies and a samurai lady in it, but you need to check out the book to see what you’ve really been missing out on. Trust me. If you don’t want to listen to me, then go ahead and watch this trailer, but you’re making a huge mistake.@Shamownage
I was going to talk about how mediocre I think this show is and how tired I am of zombies in popular culture, then I watched this and saw that D’Angelo Barksdale and Cutty from the Wire are now a part of the crew and I started imagining what circumstances could have led to both of these dudes from Baltimore did to end up in Georgia hanging out with Rick and his band of merry idiots. I knew that Cutty couldn’t seem to get his life or his gym on track, so it was logical that he’d leave Baltimore and look for a new home, it looks like he’s just out of luck. D’Angelo appearing is really disturbing, though. Is he there as some sort of angel of death? Does The Walking Dead take place possibly before the events of The Wire? Did D’Angelo fall through a ginger ale-inspired wormhole that put him there? If I knew that this show was going to go all Lost I might have watched the last season. Damn.@dvewlsh
Logic. It’s an important thing to have in storytelling, and despite the fact that AMC has a fantastic pedigree, this show lacks it. Journey back to me to season 2, when Carl is wandering in the woods alone for NO GOOD REASON, and he meets a zombie, impossibly stuck in the mud, ankle deep. Then, that zombie, that couldn’t even get his ankles out of the mud, has the strength to take down a cow in the middle of a field, eat it, then somehow tear open Dale’s chest like a delicious avocado. Where is the consistency? And may I just say this much: (spoiler) Dale’s death in the book is heart-wrenching and important, whereas the show just makes you want these idiots to die. The fact that this show is so popular just backs up my feelings that Idiocracy is a documentary, and not a movie.@JasonNawara
Let me be the first (and only) to say that I don’t mind watching The Walking Dead. That statement has only been made because I haven’t read any of the books. Jason gave me the first three and they’ve been sitting on my desk like some mental albatross that I dare not even touch. I’ve shunned them for weeks because I know the moment I open them up, AMC’s The Walking Dead will be considered an absolute abomination that needs to be cleansed with fire. Ignorance is bliss — and that’s the only reason why I can truly enjoy The Walking Dead on TV.@MiddleEasy
Published on July 21, 2013 at 2:01 am
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