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As of yesterday, Gina Carano is now officially a killer robot

Boy, the landscape of WMMA sure has changed a lot in the past couple of years. Remember the days of three three-minute rounds? There was actually a top ten list on here about it nearly five years ago. It’s weird to think one of the women who put WMMA on the map, only had one fight with five minute rounds.

Now Gina Carano is off doing movies and television, she had a part in this season of Almost Human on FOX. To put this in perspective, the Xbox 360 game Too Human was in development for ten years. So it took Gina Carano half the time it took to make Too Human, to leave WMMA and be a killer robot in the show Almost Human.

You maybe asking, what’s my point and what’s the correlation between Gina Carano, Too Human and Almost Human. Well…I don’t think I have a point and I don’t think there is a correlation.

Even so, Gina Carano is damn good at fight scenes, now if only she’d use the Sakuraba double chop in one of her roles…

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