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2020 Mixed Martial Arts Scholarship by

Here at, we value the importance of education with a healthy and active lifestyle, which is why we’d like to offer an eligible student the opportunity to win a $900 scholarship in an effort to assist with the costs of continued education.

On our website, we cover a wide range of MMA and sports topics which is why we want eligible students to submit a video or essay on the topic of “Best Martial Arts for Self Defense” of which the winner will receive a scholarship from us and recognition on our website.

Here are the guidelines for your submission…

Who’s Eligible?

  • Any high school senior or college/university student is eligible to participate.
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen

How to Submit

NOTE: We have received an overwhelming amount of scholarship applications already this year and while we are only a very small team, we are doing our best to manage this volume, if your application is selected you will be notify via email, Thank you and good luck.

Eligible applicants are required to submit a video or 800-1500 word essay on the topic “Best Martial Arts for Self Defense” in order to be considered. The video should be no longer than 3-5 minutes and should explain the topic in great detail.

Upload your video/essay to one of your social media accounts and email us at [email protected]!

Submission are closed for this year, please refer to the above note.

Tip for filming:

Be energetic and make the topic interesting. Teach us something and don’t be afraid to be unique. We want to be able to take something away from watching the video. So just relax and have fun!

Also, make include the following information in your submission:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • School/Institution
  • Major
  • Proof of enrollment in school/Institution

Rules for Applying

Each applicant must submit a video of them speaking or an essay and both must be original.

Video submissions must not exceed 5 minutes in length (There will be a lot of submissions and time is limited).

Essays must be at least 800-1500 words in length.

Students must be able to provide proof of enrollment in their educational institution.

The deadline of November 15, 2020, must be adhered to and there are no exceptions.

Privacy Policy

MiddleEasy will never sell any information provided by an applicant. We have the right to display video content and essays with the individual’s name and educational facility in public and on our website if selected for a scholarship.

We look forward to your submissions and may the best video/essay win!

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Note: By submitting the content, applicants give us permission to publish the content on our site and on our social media channels. Students will maintain the rights and ownership of the original content.