Fan gets big tattoo of Conor McGregor’s face

If this tattoo isn’t on an Irish body, then I am confused. I get it, I’m covered in tattoos, but I would never throw someone’s face on my body. Maybe my own face, or one of a family member or random little girls like Anthony Pettis, but this? I dunno. Once again, I get it if you’re Irish, but the face of an MMA fighter to me seems like it’s not going to age well. I remember a guy who got a tattoo of Frank Mir when he was 19 (this was around UFC 100) and I said it wasn’t a good idea then and it still isn’t a good idea. Everyone always asks why he got a tattoo of his uncle on his bicep. 

But screw it – who am I to say what you should or shouldn’t do with your body? This person got a stern-looking Conor McGregor face on them and they’re probably very pleased.

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