Carlos Condit might deserve a title shot just for this amazing flying knee

If it weren’t for Zombie Prophet I would be lost, naked and wandering through a jungle of vocaubulary hoping to describe these incredible MMA moments to the best of my abilities. No matter how I try, all of the words in the world are no match for a loop of a face crushing flying knee repeating into infinity. We honor you, Zombie Prophet, GIF maker and the #2 worst staph infection on our top ten list. Your efforts are recognized and appreciated all over the world, even Michael Schiavello calls you out now.

Carlos Condit delivered us a Zombie Prophet highlight tonight over the previously undefeated Dong Hyun Kim, stunning Kim with a perfectly timed flying knee then finishing him off with a flurry of punches. Wait, why am I describing it? Just look below.

Joe Rogan made it seem like Condit is primed to fight the winner of GSP/Diaz. Interesting. Man, what a night of fights.

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