August 15th…civilization is at stake

So I looked on ebay this morning for a flux capacitor. Its the only thing thats left to put in my Delorean and travel to the future to see Gina Carano and Cyborg Santos headline the first major female mma title fight…in the world. I think I say ‘In the world’ too much. Maybe I should say ‘In the galaxy‘ instead. This article is the best article about Carano vs. Cyborg in the galaxy. I have proof, here’s my intergalactic MMA badge, just right next to my ‘NobodyWllEverBelieveMe’ award. 

Everytime I hear Cyborg being referred to by her actual name (Cyborg), its a friendly reminder to unplug all of my appliances in my apartment before Skynet takes over mankind. I guess Gina Carano is John Conner in this case (but a much hot version). I don’t know how many famous cyborgs I know other than Terminator and that dude from Universal Soldier (dudes raw). But I do know that the entire galaxy will be watching Strikeforce on August 15th to see Carano defend humankind against Cyborg Santos on Showtime. The fate of the galaxy is in your hands…and during this fight both of your hands better be above your desk (pervs). [Source].

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