Watch this guy get a technical foul for cursing on the mic while playing NBA 2k14 on Xbox One

Watch this guy get a technical foul for cursing on the mic while playing NBA 2k14 on Xbox One

Invisible fist bump to Xbox One for putting a troll filter inside the new Kinect. Let's hope they don't stop at NBA 2k14 and incorporate this feature in every Xbox One game, especially the ones that are filled with 11-year-old gangsters that reside in suburbia (I'm looking at you Call of Duty and GTA Online).

Now check out video of this guy getting a technical foul for cursing on the microphone as he's playing NBA 2k14 on Xbox One -- my god this next-gen technology.

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+8 # noob loser 2013-12-04 10:20
I wont be buying an xbox one - i dont need anymore nagging about my language.
+9 # kylefog93 2013-12-04 10:39
I wonder if it has flop detection for the camera.
+10 # jt33 2013-12-04 12:09
thats one of the dumbest things ive ever seen in a video game...

1. have they ever heard any actual players on the court?.. i promise they say WAAAY worse stuff.
.2 its my house, my game.. if i want to say something im going to say it.
3. he wasnt even cussing at anyone he was just cussing out loud about himself/his team.
4. i just wanted a 4
5. i bet all the racist are still getting away with it..
+2 # The Mikeman 2013-12-04 13:25
This feels staged for some reason.
Any other reports or anyone got the game
and tried?
-2 # Connor 2013-12-04 21:17
That's what that fucking moron gets for spending that much money on a shit box.
+4 # The Mikeman 2013-12-04 22:02
I spent that much on a, x and am enjoying it much more than u seem to be enjoying that shirt and haircut. Just kidding, please don't gun down a ton of people.
0 # pokerfacekilla 2013-12-05 07:40
XBOX ONE Kinect can see and hear you at all times...GTFOH.

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