Mike Tyson says he's on the verge of dying because he's a vicious alcoholic

Mike Tyson says he's on the verge of dying because he's a vicious alcoholic

The world isn't a good (or safe) place when Mike Tyson admits that he hasn't been keeping up with the sobriety that he's been promoting the past few years which was responsible for making him a 'changed man.' I remember Steve-O's last appearance on The Howard Stern Show he actually admitted that during a Comedy Central Roast he and Mike Tyson disappeared into a bathroom to do cocaine in-between filming of the comedy feature, which probably dates back just a couple years. If he's been doing relatively the same stuff in closed doors, it goes without saying that things don't look good for the former heavyweight champion of the world.

Check out what Tyson said at the ESPN Friday Night Fights post-fight press conference in Verona, New York just last night.

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+27 # AFrontKicktotheFace 2013-08-24 18:40
Ive loved Tyson since my youth. It gets me a little emotional when I see him get emotional. There have been too many ugly vultures & leeches that have clamped on and manipulated his life. Tyson is a real motherfucker though.
+18 # umwhat?? 2013-08-24 22:42

Tyson's demons have demons.
+12 # Penis Magician 2013-08-25 00:29
Quoting AFrontKicktotheFace:
Tyson is a real motherfucker though.

Anyone notice he was about to say the same in the video?

Quoting Mike Tyson:
I'm a motherf' [pause]; I'm a bad guy sometimes.

Oh, he's great. Hope he'll find the right people to support him.
+10 # jt33 2013-08-24 22:46
hes done some bad stuff but fuck anyone who doesnt support tyson now. the fact that he can talk about it openly shows just how much hes changed. i know hes still battling his demons but i think (and hope) that he finally beats them and gets the peace he wants.
+1 # Digdug 2013-08-25 10:16
Better than can be said for some other motherfuckers like Steven Seagal--oh wait he's a gentleman but a warrior, or something like that
-9 # AuntieRazor 2013-08-24 23:14
Homeboy is gonna go out in a hail of drugs!!!!!!! Way to keep it real, MT!!!!!!!!
+4 # DENV3RtheDESTROY3R 2013-08-25 00:16
Poor guy. I hope he can stay sober for his and his families sake.
+17 # PeteDaMeat 2013-08-25 00:22
Im gonna go ahead and say it.

Mike Tyson was the best EVER until Cus died.

I hope he can find some peace.
+4 # umwhat?? 2013-08-25 11:11
i feel like if Cus had lived another 5 years or so, Mike's life and career would've turned out much differently.
+2 # DENV3RtheDESTROY3R 2013-08-25 00:30
-6 # Drago 2013-08-25 10:20
If he dies, he dies
+1 # GUCCI 2013-08-25 10:58
man people really dont understand how hard it is in addiction, from coke he went to alcohol to substitute
-15 # Connor 2013-08-25 13:10
He's a child molester. I don't give a fuck about mike tyson. He deserves where he's at with his fucked up suicidal mind. I hope he O.D.'s. Pedophile filth.
+6 # AFrontKicktotheFace 2013-08-25 13:36
A child molester?! :o You are not only a fucking ugly fat faced Kirby look-a-like, but also a retarded sac of feces. Pull your head out of your cancer ridden colon and take a deep breath you fucking turd nugget. In the day of the internet, you have absolutely ZERO excuses for being such a clueless cunt. I would not be upset if you were struck with a hybrid mutant combination of Aids and colon cancer of the face. Shit brains...

...And his 'rape' charge (im guessing what your DUMB ass was trying to revert to) was bogus as hell. Just another gold digging money hungry whore who wanted to take advantage. Look at the whore who got pounded balls deep by Kobe..... she had like 8 different strains of CUM inside of her man. You cant just accuse people of being child molesters because you are too retarded to fact check. Im starting to think you might be a child molester yourself. What kind of a photo is that you greasy creep?
+2 # bayzel22 2013-08-25 20:52
FrontKick dealing out a front kick ownage lol. "Fat faced Kirby look-a-like hahahahaha
-3 # Connor 2013-08-26 23:32
I was referring to his molestation of Teddy's niece. Now don't you feel like a donkey's ass? Kirby's awesome btw. And it's grand that you manage to describe yourself while attempting to insult me.

Fuck mike "the pedo" tyson. He's the definition of scum.
-1 # AFrontKicktotheFace 2013-08-27 17:06
A 17 year old Mike Tyson? Plus there is no concrete proof of anything...You are as dumb as you are ugly. Fuck off pancake face.
0 # Connor 2013-08-30 13:29
Yeah because Teddy shot off his gun by Tyson's face for no apparent reason. Grow the fuck up, get tyson's baby balls out of your mouth. What ever you thought of his as a child means absolutely nothing because that piece of shit is a pedophile. And yeah molesting a 12 year old while being 17 is still fucking shameful.
+2 # Fatty_Sam86 2013-08-25 17:06
Iron Mike is a baaaad man. Every once in a while I'll just go watch highlights on YouTube of him. Dude was a murderer in the ring. I dunno how anyone could NOT be a fan of him!

Good to see him talking about his troubles, and I hope he gets the support he needs!
+1 # SST 2013-08-26 12:53
You're still the champ to me Mike. You should have bit Holyfield's face off for headbutting you.
-2 # AFrontKicktotheFace 2013-08-26 22:48
But...but...but ... hes BLACK. Has your account been hacked?
-2 # SST 2013-08-27 10:56
He's not black! He's Iron Mike, one of the most vicious fighters of all time. Back when boxing was exciting and fun to watch.

You're sooo racists bro.
-1 # America 2013-08-28 19:44
Holyfield is black. Anyone that does that to a black man is a friend of mine
0 # mookiestick 2013-08-27 13:46
An amazing and brutally honest human being. Mike Tyson is a man...

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