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Gina Carano recently offered a spread in Playboy Magazine

Gina Carano recently offered a spread in Playboy Magazine

Gina Carano was recently offered a spread in Playboy Magazine. That title is a little tricky. Replace the ‘a’ with ‘to’ and you have a completely different meaning. A meaning that could only be resolved with me getting submitted via north-south position by Gina. So if you’re a guy (or my friend Christy) you probably enjoyed Gina Carano hot up your TV a few weeks ago when she tangled with the only chick in MMA sponsored by Skynet, Cris Cyborg. She didn’t get the W, but anytime the public gets to see Carano roll around on the mat with another chick…we all win. So it’s a no brainer that Playboy Magazine (the source of about 85% of my detentions in elementary school) wants to go after Carano. Actually, they’ve been stalking her for months now to do a spread but Carano hasn’t even entertained one of their offers…at least that’s what TMZ reports:

Sources close to Carano tell us Playboy has knocked on the fighter’s door “multiple times” over the past year, but the fighter has shot down their offers so quickly that “it never even reached to a point where we would talk about money.”

Guess that Gina Carano doll that you’ve probably been doing a potpourri of indecent things to is the closest you’re going to get to…well you always have your imagination (your sick, perverted imagination). [Source

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