Rumble Johnson Interested in Francis Ngannou, But Not For A “Fake A** ‘BMF’ Style Title”

via Fighter's Instagram accounts
via Fighter's Instagram accounts

Rumble Johnson Interested in Ngannou Fight

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson has an interesting relationship with fans of MMA. Even in retirement, any move that Rumble makes within the realm of the sport makes fans believe he’s on his way back in the cage. Now, fans don’t have anything to worry about as Rumble has stated he would like to make a return. But, this time it would be in the UFC’s heavyweight division. And, maybe the special return would happen against Francis Ngannou.

Brett Okamoto recently spoke to Johnson and during the conversation, Brett asked Rumble about UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou.

Rumble vs Ngannou

During the conversation, Rumble listed Ngannou as the “scariest dude in the division.” Honestly, most people would agree with that assessment. Except for the people who believe that the power that Rumble possesses is just as equal or better.  Nonetheless, Rumble Johnson also shared that he expects to fight him at some point in the UFC’s heavyweight division.

While Rumble said the fight needs to be for something ‘special’, don’t expect the bout against Ngannou to include a bunch of theatrics.

Rumble Speaking Against Fake Titles

The UFC’s creation of the ‘BMF’ title has opened the door for more opportunities involving one-off championships. However, Rumble has made it clear that he has no interest in fighting for “fake titles.”

Media members asked Rumble if he would ever fight for the ‘SMF’ title with the ‘S’ meaning scariest.

“Man, save that sh** for them, little dudes,” said Rumble. “If I fight for a title, it’s going to be for a title that counts. That’s the heavyweight title, that’s it. I don’t want these fake a** BMFs, SMFs or whatever. I just want to fight for the real title.”

Rumble Johnson vs Francis Ngannou for the UFC heavyweight championship could indeed be a special moment. As far as what Rumble meant, we’ll just have to wait and see.


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