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(Rumor) Joe Rogan Reveals Conor McGregor Trained Without Shin Pads for UFC 264

Despite an alleged stress fracture before UFC 264, Conor McGregor trained without shin pads for UFC 264 according to sources from Joe Rogan

(Rumor) Joe Rogan Reveals Conor McGregor Trained Without Shin Pads for UFC 264

Joe Rogan has been very vocal about the leg injury of Conor McGregor. Recently, Rogan gave his honest assessment of the leg break on his podcast.

Joe has been opening up lately about the aftermath of UFC 264. During the main event trilogy bout between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor, the Irishman broke his leg, leading to a TKO defeat. 

As the stretcher arrived to escort McGregor out of the arena, Rogan crouched over and interviewed an injured honor. However, Joe revealed later that the interview was McGregor’s idea, although Rogan initially took the heat for it.

Joe Rogan Explains McGregor Leg Injury

Speaking on his podcast, Rogan opened up about the leg injury suffered by Conor. 

“I’ve been told that McGregor had a stress fracture in his leg before the fight started,” said Rogan. “I think he was trying to spar during camp with no shin pads. Don’t know if it’s true. I was getting texts from tons of people and some in Conor’s camp. They were saying he was training without shin pads.”

He continued, ” He was so hell-bent on destroying Dustin Poirier that he may have done something like that (training without shin pads.) There was clearly something wrong with his leg going in. Your leg just doesn’t break like that. “

Conflicting Stories

Rogan continued by explaining how the breaking of Conor’s leg wouldn’t make sense if there were no previous injuries. He used Chris Weidman’s injury as a reference point, stating that the break was definitive and fans understood what they witnessed without any question. However, Mcgregor’s leg broke quickly, and fans initially couldn’t tell if it was his shin or his ankle.

Since the loss, there has been tons of speculation in regards to the injury. The athletic commission reported that there were no known pre-existing injuries for Conor leading up to the fight. His head coach stated that Conor injured the leg during the camp, leading up to where McGregor probably shouldn’t have fought at UFC 264.

With so many conflicting stories, it’s tough to know about McGregor’s injuries heading into the fight. Nonetheless, do fans want to see Conor fight Poirier for the fourth time?


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