Video: Paulo Costa Refutes Assault Accusations With “Proof”, Demands Public Apology & Threatens Lawsuit

'Borrachinha' vehemently denied the allegations of assaulting a nurse and demanded a public apology from her

Paulo Costa
Credit: Paulo Costa (via Instagram)

Paulo Costa has brought out the receipts to deny accusations of assaulting a nurse.

UFC Middleweight Paulo Costa made headlines the past week after reports of him allegedly elbowing a nurse at a vaccination clinic came out. Costa was questioned by the police following the incident where he maintained his innocence.

Paulo Costa shows “proof” he’s innocent

‘Borrachinha’ uploaded a video to Twitter explaining his side of the story along with images of the victim. Costa reasoned that if he, a professional MMA fighter, was to strike an unprotected woman, the damage would presumably be substantial.

However, in the photos he shared, no notable injuries can be discerned from her lip, where she claimed to have been hit. Costa opened the video with a brief message for both his English-speaking fans and Portuguese-speaking ones.

“Hello people, unfortunately, this is not a funny video. But, it’s very important to be here and speak in English, as I did before: but I speak in Portuguese for Brazilian people”

“…It’s very important to me that everyone who speaks English knows as well about the fact that has been widely reported recently. Very terrible news against me, right? A false accusation of physical aggression was leveled against me… I will show for you guys, the facts, the proof.”

‘The Eraser’ shared two photos of the nurse’s lip area where she claims to have been struck.

“I’m being accused of elbowing a woman, who is supposed to be a nurse, on her face. I’m a professional MMA (fighter), can you imagine the damage my elbow may cause on (an) unprotected woman’s face? Something terrible to even imagine… That never happened, and I will show you guys why. I have proof of that.”

“Ok, direct to the point, this photo has been taking by the police officers, at the police station. Just a few hours after the alleged incident. Can you see, this is the supposed victim of my elbow.”

Paulo Costa Elbow Nurse

Costa noted that as can be seen, there are no injuries to the woman’s mouth and even went a step ahead to show the inside of her lip, the exact part where she was allegedly hit.

“And more, we have more photographs of the inside of her lips, this part. Exactly where she points that I elbowed her.”

Paulo Costa Elbow Nurse

Costa threatens lawsuit

Following his defense, ‘Borrachinha’ argued that none of the photos displayed signs of physical violence beyond a reasonable degree of doubt.

“Which, unquestionably shows she hasn’t been subjected to any form of physical violence. That’s impossible (referring to the way the victim looks after the alleged elbow)”

Costa asked for a public apology and threatened to take legal action if need be.

“We all know that this kind of false accusation is very serious, so, I really hope that this woman decides to make her public apologies. Or else legal actions may be necessary, unfortunately.”

Paulo Costa is slated to welcome Luke Rockhold in his return fight expected to be this August. The two were paired for an earlier matchup but weight cut issues among other rumors of cosmetic surgeries (as suggested by Rockhold) kept Costa back from stepping inside the cage.

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