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Jon Jones Takes to Social Media to State Case for Heavyweight Title Shot Against Stipe Over Ngannou

Former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones took to social media to explain why he should get a heavyweight title shot against Stipe over Franicis Ngannou.

Jon Jones Takes to Social Media to State Case for Heavyweight Title Shot Against Stipe Over Ngannou

Jon Jones has been teasing a move to heavyweight and plans to make a splash in the division. In fact, he’s offered to face Francis Ngannou on multiple occasions, as long as the money was right. But, an ongoing back and forth with the UFC stalled negotiations due to what Jon believed to be a “low ball” deal. However, now that Jones has relinquished, he has no direction to move, but upward. Although Jon would like a shot at the heavyweight title, UFC President Dana White has stated he won’t leapfrog Francis Ngannou. However, Jones is trying to make his case that he should be ahead of Ngannou to face Stipe. 

Leapfrogging Ngannou 

Regardless of Jon’s accolades at light heavyweight, Stipe doesn’t seem particularly interested in the fight. This is due to Miocic believing that there are more deserving contenders in the heavyweight division. Nonetheless, fans would like to see a matchup between Jones and Stipe. Especially to see how Jones competes at heavyweight. However, he’ll have to wait his turn in line behind Francis Ngannou. 

Jones Makes his Case for Stipe Fight 

Jones took to social media to explain why the timing is perfect for a matchup between him and Stipe. In his opinion, Stipe vs Ngannou 2 is a high risk with a low reward. 

“Stipe doesn’t want to fight Francis again because the first fight really wasn’t close,” wrote Jones. “Looking at it from Stipe’s point of view, fighting Francis again is definitely more of a lose situation than a win. Stipe asked for a new challenge, why not fight the light heavyweight goat? Besides we’re way closer in size. What’s more exciting than that? By the time he heals up my body weight should be right where it needs to be. This fight lines up perfectly,” finished Jon. 

Stating His Claim 

Do fans believe that Jones has properly stated his case? Does he have a point? Or, is Francis Ngannou the rightful next contender in line due to his recent run? Regardless of his words, Dana White is going to do whatever he believes is best for business. 

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